Breaking Down
Barriers to Justice


The Harry H. Dow Memorial
Legal Assistance Fund

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dow Fund is to provide resources to ensure access to the legal system for Asian Americans who are deprived of justice because of barriers such as language, race, culture, poverty or immigration status.

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2020 will be a year that we’ll always remember. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the particular challenges that our immigrant communities have faced, including language barriers, access to health services, unemployment, discrimination and racism, separation from family and home, the right to be counted in the 2020 census, and right to vote.


The Dow Fund has continued to grant funds to support legal services and advocacy during this unprecedented year at the same rate as prior years.


Now more than ever, we must commit to supporting our low-income and underserved Asian immigrant communities and ensure everyone has a brighter future. 


This year's Harry H. Dow Memorial Legal Assistance Fund Annual Event will take place virtually on December 4th at 5pm-6pm ET.


Will you join us to support access to justice and contribute today?


We will continue to raise funds to make sure that immigrants and their families have access to legal services. 


Your contribution will provide advocacy and pro-bono legal representation in immigration, family, domestic violence, employment, housing, health, consumer rights, public assistance matters, and civil rights.


In this time of great uncertainty and injustice, here are three ways you can make an impact:


The Dow Fund needs your commitment and dollars more than ever. The continuing decline of resources for legal assistance in general, and Asian American access in particular, suffer from challenges facing some of our most trusted and established legal services organizations and institutions.


The Dow Fund was established and named in honor of the legacy of Harry H. Dow, who worked tirelessly for so many years providing counsel to the underserved immigrant  and impoverished communities of Boston’s Chinatown and South End.


The Dow Fund has been the leading organization in Boston and Massachusetts providing resources to the Asian American community to ensure access to the legal system that is culturally and linguistically appropriate and relevant.

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